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President: Vivian C. Rush, MD, MPH

Dr. Rush is Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  She graduated from the New York University School of Medicine in 1978. She performed her Internship at the University of Louisville, Department of Family Medicine in 1978-79. Her active duty career began in Primary Care with the United States Air Force in 1979 in South Korea and was later assigned to Zweibrucken Air Force Base in Germany. After her Air Force commitment, Dr. Rush served as an Emergency Room physician with Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center in Germany. Upon returning to the United States, Dr. Rush received her Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Occupational Medicine from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 1996. She was Board Certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 1997 and began her employment with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) a agency associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.

While serving with ATSDR, Dr. Rush was a Physician Project Officer with Environmental Public Health programs such as Medical Monitoring of populations exposed to harmful agents and consulting with local physicians on a host of possible medical problems experienced by exposed persons. She was a medical expert in explaining the medical risks to affected communities and advising exposed individuals and groups.   

Dr. Rush has served two assignments with the US Army's Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (CHPPM) at Aberdeen Proving ground, Maryland. She has led teams of Public Heath experts in investigating suspected disease clusters and played major roles in "Town Hall meetings" for communities concerned about issues spanning chemical releases to perceived increased incidences of spontaneous abortions. Dr. Rush is a very thoughtful and caring physician who clearly and accurately depicts facts and risks in a way that engenders trust and facilitates a full understanding of all issues surrounding Community Public Health concerns and health affects associated with Biological, Chemical, Explosive or Radiological exposures.

Chief Operating Officer:  James M. Rush, CHPM

Mr. Rush is the Executive Vice President of JVR Health Readiness, Inc., and an innovator in the field of Public Health and Healthcare Disaster Preparedness.  He is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM).  Jim has over 26 years of healthcare administration and community emergency management experience in the US Armed Forces, the US Public Health community and in the civilian healthcare industry.

Most recently, he was the Region III Project Officer for the National Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program. This is a Department of Health and Human Services program dedicated to assisting healthcare organizations prepare for “All Hazards” events. He was also the first logistics manager for the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile program, the forerunner of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

In the Private Healthcare Sector, Jim served as the Materials Manager for Children’s Hospital and Center for Reconstructive Surgery in Baltimore Maryland, Garrett County Memorial Hospital in Oakland Maryland and at the Barrow County Medical Center in Winder, Georgia outside of Atlanta.

As a US Air Force Medical Service Corps (MSC) Captain, Mr. Rush served as the US Air Force’s Middle East Regional Chief, Medical Logistics Management, while stationed at Incirlik, Turkey from June 1977-April 1979.  He later served as a logistics staff officer for the US Air Force Surgeon General in Germany, specializing in wartime medical supplies and equipment.  He was the first 500-Bed wartime and contingency hospital administrator and was a pioneer in adapting the Israeli Defense Force’s 4-Echelons of wartime healthcare services to the United States Armed Services in Germany.  

Mr. Rush received his BS in Health Services Administration from the University of Arizona.  He also holds a Professional Certificate in Information Systems from the University of Southern California.  He also earned a Certificate in “Decision Risk Analysis for Logisticians” from the US Army’s Logistics Management College.

Publications:  Most recently, Jim has authored a publication for the American Hospital Association titled the “Disaster Preparedness Manual for Healthcare Materials Management Professionals”.  Mr. Rush has also co-authored the “Recommended Practice, Disaster Readiness and Recovery” for the American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES).  He has had professional papers published in the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) newsletter with worldwide circulation.  Excerpts of his web page article “Acquiring Disaster Related Supplies” were published by the “Materials Management in Healthcare Magazine”, a joint publication of the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Association of Healthcare Resources and Materials Management (AHRMM).  He is also a regular contributing author for “Big Medicine” an on-line weekly publication dedicated to the Emergency Management Community.

Vice President, Healthcare Emergency Management Services: Thomas R. Runyon

Mr. Runyon is an Environmental Engineer and brings JVR Health Readiness customers over 24 years of specialized experience, including contingency/disaster preparedness, emergency response, and emergency management planning for “All Hazards” disasters. He is an expert regarding technical and health aspects of potable water supplies, hazardous materials/waste operations, medical waste treatment technologies, and the storage, handling, and assessment of chemical agent materials. He serves as a subject matter expert responsible for developing and testing emergency management plans for Department of Defense facilities. Tom became a Certified Business Continuity Professional in 1999. Subsequently, he developed a comprehensive, concise healthcare disaster preparedness plan for DOD/DA healthcare organizations. His plans exceeded JCAHO standards existing at that time. In 2001, JCAHO standards were revised to reflect the topics advocated in Tom’s initial guidance.

Tom performs evaluations of emergency management plans as part of pre-JCAHO reviews, and assists in their revision for many healthcare organizations. He has performed several organizational and healthcare facility vulnerability assessments, as well as presented effective mitigation measures and developed and audited semi-annual emergency exercises. In support of Homeland Defense initiatives, he has served as a primary reviewer of DOD and DA emergency healthcare guidance and has been actively involved in the performance of emergency vulnerability assessments for select Army installations. Such work has led to the development of a “Commander’s Guide” to facilitate localized planning.

Mr. Runyon has played an integral part in combating the threat of intentional contamination by biological warfare materials. He was responsible for much of the initial mailroom sampling for anthrax occurring in government offices around Washington, and was subsequently responsible for establishing national anthrax sampling and decontamination guidance and training information that was adopted by the CDC and the USEPA. He served as a key member of the Incident Command team deployed at the onset of anthrax contamination identified at the Brentwood Postal Facility and at the Department of State Overseas Mail Distribution Center. Currently, he serves as a SME for decontamination, monitoring, and mitigation of biological contamination, and fills the SME role on the DOD Smallpox Epidemiological Response Teams.

In addition to his expertise and management experience in the areas of potable water supply systems; hazardous waste and Regulated Medical Waste characterization, mitigation, and disposal; human and ecological health risk assessment; and safety program development; Mr. Runyon served as the liaison officer between the Department of Defense and the Health and Human Service’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). During this time, he was responsible for determining/prioritizing the need for health assessment and toxicological studies amongst all three military Services and for overseeing the Congressionally-mandated support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He routinely briefed authorities from all listed organizations.

Mr. Runyon has conducted onsite training and workshops providing guidance and instruction to administrative, engineering, and operations personnel pertaining to facility utility systems, emergency management, safety programs, and Weapons of Mass Destruction issues. This training has been performed throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Master of Public Health (Environmental Health Engineering), The Johns Hopkins University, May 1987.
Master of Science, Environmental Systems Engineering, Clemson University, May 1980.
Bachelor of Science, Marine Science/Ecology, Univ. of South Carolina, December 1977.

Vice President, Mobile Hospital Operations: Mr. Kevin Kobylak

Mr. Kobylak is the Vice President of Mobile Hospital Operations, He is a Visionary Operations Executive with demonstrated experience in planning, developing, and implementing solutions within health care and government sectors to achieve business goals and streamline operations.

He is a proactive and tenacious operations executive dedicated to achieving optimum results, efficiently and effectively in ever-changing environments. He is resourceful and goal-oriented with exceptional business acumen and critical leadership skills.

Most recently, Mr. Kobylak was the Director of Site Operations at Take Care Health Employer Solutions, LLC. Mr. Kobylak directed operations management of multiple employer work site health centers, including start up locations with in a geographic region that included primary and acute episodic care, work site pharmacies, occupational health, and wellness and fitness related services.

Mr. Kobylak has extensive planning, coordinating, and synchronizing Health Service and Support Plans from point of injury through hospitalization. He has managed the operations of 100% Mobile Medical Treatment Facilities with various capabilities; he was responsible for developing Medical Treatment Teams to collect the sick and wounded and to stabilize the patients' condition. Furthermore, Mr. Kobylak has coordinated medical evacuations and managed patient tracking in conjunction with Combat Support Hospitals and General Hospitals with surgical capabilities. In addition, he has closely worked with Air Force Expeditionary Medical Support Units and Forward Surgical Teams during a National Emergency Disaster Exercise.

As an Army Medical Service Corps Officer, Mr. Kobylak has served as a Medical Planner, Operations, and Intelligence Officer, delivering background information, providing strategic direction, and providing insight on foreign medical capabilities, while delivering a vision of deployment requirements associated with medical, logistical, and operational readiness.

He has also drafted a newly designed unit’s initial health care operations policy/operational procedures (SOP), drafted composite risk management and safety policy, and created an organizational medical operations policy for national emergency disaster exercise that helped sustained and support metropolitan city during national large-scale disaster.

While deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Mr. Kobylak managed and coordinated a Health Service and Support Plan from point of injury through hospitalization. In addition, he coordinated ground and aero-medical evacuations, forecasted and tracked critical medical supplies, developed  medical intelligence preparation and threat reports for units with organic medical assets, generated preventive medicine measures and teams, developed mass casualty (MASCAL) operations procedures, and implemented disease non-battle injury reports.

Kevin is most proud of his accomplishments in community health out-reach. He has directed two major programs throughout his career. The first was planning and directing Community Health Outreach Programs while deployed in Iraq. The second was planning and directing a Health Risk Assessment and Biometric Screening / Health Risk Assessment Campaign through a work site health center. These programs allowed Kevin to reach out and influence the health and wellness of large population groups.

Director, Disaster Recovery/Federal Grants:  Kimberley (Kim) Tillotson

Ms. Tillotson joins the JVR Consultant Faculty as our Senior Disaster Recovery Consultant and brings our clients over 10 years of Disaster Assistance and Incident Management experience.  Most recently, Kim served as a FEMA Senior Consultant and Public Assistance Coordinator (PAC) leading a team of nine Project Specialists. Her team was responsible for providing Public Assistance to Private Non-Profit (PNP) organizations in Galveston, Texas, recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Ike.  

Prior to Hurricane Ike, Ms. Tillotson served as a Project Officer with FEMA during disaster recovery operations for Hurricanes Katrina/Rita in New Orleans, Typhoon Chata’an in Guam, and Hurricane Isabel in St. Mary’s, Maryland.  Kim was deployed as a Public Assistance Project Officer for Tropical Storm Allison in Houston, Texas, and as a PAC for disaster recovery efforts relating to Tropical Storm Francis in Douglas, Georgia.  Kim has also served FEMA as a Public Assistance Project Officer and PAC in a number of other natural disasters in cities such as San Diego, California, Little Rock, Arkansas and Auburn, Alabama. She also served FEMA as a Public Assistance Project Officer during a number of other deployments, including the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster, 9-11-01 terrorist attack on New York City, Landslide events in San Diego, California in both March and again in July, 2005.

Ms. Tillotson gained her Incident Management experience through years of Incident Command System (ICS) duties with state and federal land management agencies including the US Forest Service.

JVR will employ Kim’s expertise in FEMA Public Assistance guidelines and regulations to help our Healthcare, Public Health and Non Government Organization (NGO) clients to understand the eligibility criteria for FEMA Grants and to align their policies and procedures in a way that optimizes their eligibility for, and utilization of FEMA assistance in future man-made and natural disasters.

Ms. Tillotson’s wonderful mix of subject matter expertise and a gentle, supportive manner will enable her to make many contributions to JVR’s clients and to the teams JVR will build, lead and join in future Readiness work.  We are extremely proud to welcome Kim to the JVR Team.

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