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JVR Health Readiness has designed a model to build Mobile Disaster Healthcare facilities for immediate deployment during natural or man-made disasters.

America needs to revitalize its National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) to support communities and health systems responding to future disasters, and we are here to provide solutions.

Building mobile hospitals and specialty treatment centers may be the best “real stimulus investment” America can make using Federal Stimulus Dollars.

Countries around the world can purchase “Best Ever” American Mobile Medical Facilities transportable by Air, Sea, Ground and Rail Transportation.

You can posses the healthcare product depth to manage future disasters and public health emergencies such as a Pandemic by implementing our program.

Program Components: The National Disaster Mobile Hospital Program (NDMHP)

1. Mobile Hospital Facilities: US Army paid for R&D / Civilian Manufactured Modular Extendable Rigid Walled Shelters (MERWS) units for direct health care and semi-rigid shelters for ancillary care, support services departments and staff quarters. Each unit can be assembled and disassembled 50 times/ Est. 25 year useful life. (These units are medically acceptable for at least a 10-day hospitalization)

  • Numbers of units: 100 separate 50-bed facilities: Total 5,000 beds configured in 50 bed units to needs of the receiving jurisdiction.
  • Mobile Specialty Units: 20 total facilities suitable for use as Burn Centers, Trauma Units, Respiratory Care/Ventilator Patient units, Emergency Rooms Chemical-Biological Isolation Units, Medical Laboratory, Radiology, Operating Suites.

2. Semi-Rigid outpatient community care centers and public health departments.

3. Semi Rigid support services such as Cafeterias, Medical Supply, Environmental Services, Facility Engineering, Biomedical Equipment Repair units, staff housing units.

Support Equipment: The National Disaster Mobile Hospital Program

  • Mobile Continuous Electric Power Stations- Caterpillar Generators-USA (For supporting all of the above mobile facilities)
  • Air/Ground/Rail transportable food service cafeterias
  • Mobile Water Purification Units
  • Mobile Regulated Medical Waste Units
  • Mobile Sewage Treatment Units
  • Staff housing equipment-beds, potable latrine

Management Team

  • We Provide Overall Project Management
    • Budgetary Requirements & Management
    • Requirements Development
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Worker Safety
    • Standards & Evaluation (StanEval)

Information Systems TeraHealth (THI)

  • Inventory Management-Cataloging, Purchasing, Storage and Distribution system-(total Supply Chain including Cold Supply Chain)
  • Staffing System Module
  • Training Competency Certification and Medical Reserve Corps Interface-Module
  • Medical Facilities-Assembly, Repair and Reconstitution

The Joint Commission Emergency Management Compliance- Cappiello & Associates

  • Medical Materials Requirements SME
  • EM Standards
  • Environment of Care
  • Staffing Competency Standards

Real-Time Automated Equipment and Supply Tracking Services TracePoint GPS

  • Equipment Tracking
  • Requesting Jurisdiction Interface
  • Accountability Systems

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