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JVR Health Readiness offers a wide variety of services to medical service and health care providers, to include:


JVR Health Readiness adds value by customizing materials management services to meet organizational needs. Our team members have extensive experience with major Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO), as well as a number of private label manufacturers. JVR Health Readiness can reduce your medical surgical supply and equipment expenses by 10-12%. Our team works closely with your suppliers to ensure the materials management section is taking full advantage of all member GPO contracts, and obtaining the most aggressive pricing possible.

Your organization will benefit from the cumulative savings of a private label consignment program. The cost savings realized can reduce the Healthcare organization’s supply costs by 15-18% annually. These savings significantly contribute to your organization’s competitive edge. To assist you in developing a “corporate product standardization program”, please see our “Product Standardization” page.


As changes in the delivery of healthcare continue to occur, Materials Management departments must also change to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Previous distribution models meant the reactive delivery of supplies and equipment to the ordering departments. JVR Health Readiness has developed a supplies and equipment distribution model that shifts the ordering and delivery of supplies and equipment from the customer, to the materials management distribution team.

JVR Health Readiness consultants build distribution teams to function as customer service representatives. In this model, the provider is unburdened by supply related duties, and is free to devote his or her entire energy to caring for the patient or tending to department matters. The enhancement of the distribution job function results in superior customer service as well as improved distribution team morale. The result is a focused group of employees who understand and appreciate their contribution to your Healthcare organization’s continuum of care.

Product Standardization Teams

Individual provider preferences often result in materials management departments stocking two or more products (often from different manufacturers) accomplishing the same task. This duplication of product adds to the cost of inventory, increases warehouse space requirements and adds to the overall purchasing costs. JVR Health Readiness recognizes and approaches this problem with a “corporate standardization program”.

Our consultants build motivated and focused standardization specialty teams that are recognized by your organization as leaders in each product category.

Utilizing our standardization team approach not only reduces product redundancy and associated costs, but also brings a new sense of “corporate unity” to the organization. Often, this translates into a lasting and positive impact on the corporate culture throughout the healthcare system.

Inventory Optimization Services

Inventories need to be cost effective AND elastic enough to accommodate both economical inventory objectives and emergency surges in product demand. In the past, these two objectives were mutually exclusive. JVR Health Readiness utilizes its experience with a host of methodologies and distributors to assist our customers to develop a well planned and managed Vendor Managed Inventory system that meets your financial objectives, and still provides the volume of product required in a natural disaster or terrorist event.

JVR Health Readiness can also facilitate your organization’s evaluation of manufacturer offering no-carrying cost consignment inventories. Using a contractual vehicle, a distributor will apportion a part of its inventory to your storeroom or warehouse. You pay for the items only after you use them. JVR Health Readiness has extensive experience in evaluating consignment products as well as establishing billing and inventory reconciliation procedures

Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management Program

JVR Health Readiness has over 80 years of planning, procuring and managing medical equipment.  Our consultants have extensive experience in optimizing the value and safety of medical equipment throughout its useful service life.  JVR Health Readiness can also assist executives in eliminating the high cost of manufacturer extended service agreements where appropriate.  The result is a safe, cost-effective use of medical equipment throughout the healthcare organization or system.
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