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JVR Health Readiness, Inc. Course Synopses

Integrated Healthcare Disaster Response (6-Tiered Response System) - Intermediate, 2 Days
Instructors: Jim Rush, Tom Runyon

This course uses an “All-Hazards” approach and prepares attendees to develop ever-widening integrated responses to man-made and natural disasters and specific actions Healthcare Emergency Managers must take at each level of integration.  This competency-based course includes recommended actions for Healthcare Emergency Managers to take at each level of integration.

Building a Comprehensive Healthcare Emergency Management Program - Advanced, 3 Days
Instructors: Jim Rush, Tom Runyon

This course provides attendees an in-depth understanding of the actions and infrastructure enhancements required to build a highly resilient healthcare Emergency Management Program.  Attendees will receive both didactic work as well as workshops and exercises aimed at providing all the tools necessary to return to their healthcare organization as a leader in evaluating, improving and measuring the ongoing improvements in their Emergency Management Program.

Maintaining Hospital Operations During Disasters - 2 Days
Instructor: Tom Runyon

This course will outline the steps necessary to fortify the healthcare organization’s infrastructure, staff and support systems to continue providing healthcare services during “All Hazards” disasters.

Hospital Evacuation - The Last Resort - 2 Days
Instructor: Tom Runyon

This course will delineate the circumstances under which hospital evacuation should be considered; basic procedures for horizontal and vertical evacuation; resources needed; and the preference for shelter-in-place alternatives.

Hazard Vulnerability Overview
Instructor: Tom Runyon

2-day course, specializing in identifying the greatest risks for your agency, drafting an HVA and a tabletop exercise to prepare your staff for response to potential disasters.  Additional days could be added for execution and evaluation of drills.

Hospital Incident Command System
Instructor: Tom Runyon

1-day course, introducing select staff on the basics of Incident Command, mutual aid agreements, and communication with multiple response agencies.

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