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JVR Health Readiness, Inc’s. primary operational focus is to help our clients to develop fully integrated community, state, regional and national responses to disasters. We assist leaders in planning for and operating effectively during and after emergencies such as terrorist attacks, accidental hazardous materials releases, natural disasters and pandemics. We also help integrate healthcare organizations with public health agencies as well as local, state and federal emergency management agencies. This integration will assist our customers in building relationships needed to mount an “organic response and recovery” from the many disaster scenarios facing our Nation and our communities today and in the future.
We recognize that disaster operations consume extraordinarily large quantities of medical supplies and equipment which far exceed normal supply usage. This surge in medical materials requirements will quickly deplete both hospitals’ and healthcare distributors’ inventories across regions of the Nation. JVR Health Readiness consultants will help planners meet the surge in materials through Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) development, pharmaceutical caches, consignment programs and targeted PAR levels enhancements.
JVR Health Readiness offers healthcare organizations, public health agencies and Metropolitan Medical Response Systems (MMRS) a logistics support service that is tailored to our customers’ needs. We help develop local plans to procure, store, manage and distribute wholesale and retail level inventories (stockpiles) of emergency supplies and equipment to area public health and healthcare organizations during disasters. We facilitate the receipt, distribution, tracking and accounting for Federal relief supplies like the Strategic National Stockpile throughout the entire disaster event.
Along with our strategic partners, JVR Health Readiness also provides the latest competency-based healthcare training and “state of the art” disaster preparedness equipment. Our focus is to assist our customers to protect staff and patients as they render public health and healthcare services in hazardous environments. We provide all of our services with a staff of highly experienced consultant physicians, nurses, environmental engineers, healthcare disaster response experts, medical logistics managers and emergency management instructors…all with “real world” disaster operations experience.

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