JVR Health Readiness

JVR Health Readiness, Inc. is a woman-owned / veteran-owned healthcare consulting and services firm. Our business focus is protecting and preparing Public Health responders, Healthcare workers and the First Responder Community to manage man-made and naturally occurring disasters.

We also assist Private and Public Sector Healthcare and Public Health organizations and their communities to mount integrated “All Hazards” responses.

Since September 11th 2001 progress has been made in preparing American communities for the threat of terrorist attacks using Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) agents. Healthcare and Public Health preparedness has been enhanced to respond to naturally occurring events such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and pandemics. However there is much more that needs to be done…. and JVR Health Readiness can help.

The future of disaster preparedness is to develop an “organic community-wide response” to disasters. Communities must plan to effectively respond and quickly recover from a myriad of threats to the public’s health in every disaster scenario identified in their Hazard Vulnerability Assessments (HVA) and for each identified planning scenario. Through its in-house expertise and extensive teaming agreements, JVR Health Readiness offers a wide array of services including HVA analysis, casualty/patient calculations, disaster planning, training, exercising and applying lessons learned from each exercise. JVR Health Readiness assists communities in developing requirements for staff augmentation, Medico-Legal issues, sheltering in place and hospital sustainment during utilities outages and other challenges associated with disaster healthcare and public health issues.

JVR Health Readiness is also devoted to assisting healthcare and public health leaders in preparing for acquiring and managing the very large quantities of medical supplies and equipment associated with large- scale disasters or a Pandemic.  JVR Health Readiness’ experience with various types of stockpiles, pharmaceutical caches and consignment inventory programs can assist leaders to plan for the acquisition, receipt, distribution, tracking and accountability for emergency supplies and equipment.

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